Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Leopoldo Metlicovitz - International Exhibition Milan 1906

"The opening of the transalpine Simplon Tunnel in 1906 was one of the major accomplishments of the early industrial age. It provided the first direct train route between Paris and Milan, and a major exposition was planned to celebrate the achievement. Metlicovitz's design won the competition for the best poster to announce this event, and it was printed in four languages. It has become one of the most famous of all Italian posters.

Metlicovitz shows Mercury riding the train out of the tunnel's darkness into the light of Italy, with Milan and its cathedral in the distance. The extended perspective, the strong contrast of dark and light, and the bold red highlights emphasize the drama of the moment. It is accompanied by the distinguished elegance of Metlicovitz's lettering, which invites our eyes to soak in its sheer sensuousness." (International Poster Gallery)

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